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June 25, 2018
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GLRBR 2004

A Hearty American Roots and West Coast Blend
From Chicago Blues to New Orleans R&B without ever giving up the "West Coast" sound The Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue is an improvisational American roots band. Steeped in Blues, early R&B, Gospel and Jazz. The bands originals and refreshing renewal of obscure cover tunes gives this ensemble and the audience a classic approach to "Live" music.

Ron Tomasello 9-21-2001We Be Jammin', Live!
Formed over a decade ago, The Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue wasted no time making their mark on the San Francisco Bay Area music scene. Their outstanding musicianship creates a unique “Live” music experience, with the help of a long list of skillfully crafted original tunes and a blend of hand picked cover tunes. The Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue’s high-energy show always leaves their ever-growing fan base with a deep sense of satisfaction, as well as a taste for wanting more. It is because of this unusual blend that they continue to fill venues such as The Boom Boom Room, JJ’s, Henfling’s and Moe’s Alley.

Takin' a Little, Givin' a Lot Back
With two albums to their credit “Tales From The Blues Bunker” and their most recent release “Jus’ Kiddin’” on the Goldtop Records LLC label, there is no mistaking that this is an experienced group of talented musicians. Having been compared to bands such as the Allman Brothers and Santana, you cannot help but to hear this influence in the band’s music. Though influenced by them and many others, The Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue retains a style and flavor all their own. Grab the opportunity to experience The Goodlife Rhythm & Blues Revue for yourself; you’ll be glad you did!

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